June 4, 2014

DIY Jewelry Holder

I love to have a place to display my jewelry that I wear everyday. I find that if I have a spot to put it when I take it off I will put it back in its spot. If I don't I just usually through it on the counter or wherever I feel like it. I have been seeing lots of those painted cups on Pinetrest and while I love those I have no use for a coffee mug. After seeing Kate at  The Small Things Blog make some and use them for jewelry I knew I had to have one.

What you will need:

*White plate or bowl (I found mine at Tjmaxx for $4.99)

*Paint Brush

*Gold Metallic Sharpie

*Folkart Enamel Paint (any brand will work as long as its made for glass or ceramic and is cured by heat) If you just get regular acrylic pain it will scratch off.

I didn't take any pictures of the actual taping and painting. Its pretty self explanatory. I did use some smaller tape, because I wanted thinner lines. I just eyeballed the tape and stuck it on. I usually am a perfectionist when it comes to measuring and making each line perfect, but I quickly realized that because the tray was curved upwards it was really hard to make each line perfectly straight, and in the end I loved how not every line was perfect. 

I taped all the lines and put a heavy coat of the black paint. I recommend maybe doing a few thinner coats. The paint is very thick and very black, but I had a few places it was heavier and you can tell. After it was done drying I pulled the tape off.

Some of my lines bled a little bit which did not make me very happy, but a little acetone (aka finger nail polish) on a q-tip took it right off. 

Necklace| Paved and Black Bracelet| Watch

Then I just ran the sharpie along the sides. Doing that really makes a difference. After I was all done with that I put the plate in a COLD oven and turned it on to 350 degrees and let it bake for 30 minutes. That was the directions on the bottle of the paint. So if you get a different brand you will want to read the directions.

The plate takes quite awhile to cool off as well. So let it sit for a good hour.

I hope you liked this quick little DIY. It took me seriously 20 minutes, and only cost $8 total.

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    1. Thank you Stephanie! You could defiantly find many uses for it! I am going to make another one for my desk.


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