June 19, 2014

4TH July Wood crafts

I have Found a new Love!
Wood Crafting! When I thought of Wood Crafting I thought of my Mom doing toll painting in the 80's and 90's. Until I was invited to go to a girls Night at a local Wood Craft Store Called Wood Connection. Seriously this isnt your Mama's wood Crafts! 
They have Locations  in Las Vegas and Utah. If your somewhere else you should have something similar or look at a local Craft store. 

I was So Excited to see they used Scrapbook paper in their Crafts! I love the look a lot better than all Painting, but you can do it however you would like. 
At my Wood Connection you can Either buy it and take home to make or you can Stay in store for a $6 Fee and use THEIR materials! Even This Ribbon Was there. 

I stayed there to Paint for the Party. I used a Cream Paint All Over then used a dark Brown to stain the edges at the end. The Rest is Paper I used wood Glue to adhere. U can also use Modge Podge. 
I like my Crafts to NOt be Perfect, I feel it Adds Character. So I cut eh Paper Slightly off and scuffed With Sand Paper (also all found in store) Then as i mention above I used a Dark Brown on Edges to give an Aged look. Which if you know me you know I Love anything Vintage looking!

If you have any Questions Dont hesitate to ask


  1. I love the look! I've featured it in my blog! http://www.activitieschildren.com/article/2270/canada-day-4th-july-kids-craft

  2. Wood is an organic substance, and as such, is greatly influenced by its surroundings. More specifically, it is constantly trying to reach a state of equilibrium with the surrounding air.work sharp 3000


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