June 16, 2014

4TH July * Wonder Women Nails

 I have Some 'Super' nails for you for the 4th! 
I have a Lil obsession with Three things:
*Cute Nails
*Anything Patriotic 

Why not combine them all just in time for the holiday!

Some Fun things to use:

I Used:
*For Red I used The sensational Nail gel I got At walmart (coupon was in sunday paper a few weeks ago) I Really am Liking this Gel.. Only needed one Coat!
*Then on the one Nail I added Striped Nail Decals I got off Group deals but also Found here
(also Used same ones for the star) Make sure you cover fully with top coat!
* Blue Is Finger Paints in Into You Intaglio. I got it at Salleys when they had a BoGo Free. first time using this brand Referred to me by a Friend (thanks Diana). And I am really liking it! it comes off Easier than Gelish
*White is Gelish White with White Sparkles

If you every have questions or ideas We would Love to hear them!

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