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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Lorac Pro Palette 1 and 2 Review

If you haven't tried any Lorac eyeshadow palettes yet you are missing out. I am going to share the Lorac Pro Pallet 1 and 2 today and give you my thoughts.

The Lorac Pro 1 is a warm tone palette. The top row being all mattes and the bottom row being shimmer eyeshadows. Every single one is very pigmented and smooth and creamy. They are a dream to blend out. I originally bought the Pro 2 pallet and fell completely in love with it so much that I had to get the first one to. You don't need any other shadows to complete a look. This one palette is all you need. The ONLY thing is that since these shadows are so creamy and pigmented they are a little dusty. So when you put your brush in they do kick up shadow. As you can tell by how dirty mine looks.

In the Pro Pallet 1 my favorite shades are champagne, pewter, taupe, and mauve.

The Pro Palette 2 is more cool tones. Its the exact same quality as the first pallet.

My favorite shades in this palette are light brown, rose, plum, jade.

If your looking for an all around great palette I would highly recommend either of these. They are my go to palettes that I use on a daily bases. You can find them at Ulta and they are $42 which is a really great deal. Hope you found this helpful if you are in the market for new pallet. Valentines day is coming up tell you Valentine that you want this. :) You won't be disappointed.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Favorite Lip Products of 2014

I wanted to share my Favorite Lip Products of 2014 with you today. I have a something in every price range and all of them are things you could wear on the daily.

Mac Viva Glam V- This is my first MAC lipstick. Lame.. I know. This is a great everyday color. Goes with any look or just adds a little something when you aren't wearing any makeup at all.

Maybelline Matte in Touch of Spice- If your looking for the "Kylie Jenner" lip look this is a great option. It is matte so if you don't like that look you probably won't like this, but its very creamy and doesn't dry the lips out. I have also put a lip gloss on top so it wasn't matte and it worked great.

Buxom Lip Gloss in Brianna- This is a berry color, but its not to over powering. Its something you could wear without feeling like wow I have a lot of lipstick on today. Its a gloss so its a little bit shear. Which makes it more wearable.

Revlon Color Burst in Honey- I LOVE this. I wear it almost everyday. Its the perfect your lips but better color. It last a really long time. Its moisturizing as well. ITs a good and very affordable one. This is very similar to the MAC lipstick. Its just a little bit more pink.

NYX Butter Gloss in Creme Brulee- I am a huge fan of these NYX Butter glosses have several, but this nude color is my favorite. Its an easy on the go lip product as well.

EOS Lip Balm in Coconut Milk- Who doesn't love these little EOS lip balms. The coconut cream one is my all time favorite.

Jordanna Lip Liner in Tawny- This is a perfect lip linear and goes with any of these lip products. I use it to fill my lips in and then apply a gloss or lipstick over it.

Too Faced Lip Liner in Perfect Pink- These lip liners last for FOREVER. They are so good. I like to pair this with the Revlon lipstick its just the perfect pair.

As you can tell I am not very adventurous when it comes to lip products. I like to keep it simple and things I can wear everyday. I do like to wear red on occasion and I have been slowly getting into the berry colored lips. Do you have a favorite lip product? Let me know so I can try it out.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Q&A A Day- 5 Year Journal Review

I received this Q&A A Day 5 Year Journal in a monthly swap I participated in last month, and its been my most favorite thing so far this year. Its such a perfect gift to give someone. I couldn't have gotten it at a better time. I posted a picture on Instagram about it and had lots of questions so I thought I would do a little book review on it.

I love this idea because I am not very good at keeping a journal, and this helps in that sort of way. Each day there is a different questions. Some of the questions are.

Did you kiss someone today?
Whats your favorite gadget?
Can people change?
How late did you sleep?

There are 365 different questions and  a spot to write you answer five different times.

They are easy questions that you can just jot down really quick. Which I love. Its definitely something that is easy to keep up with. I am excited to read back my answers over the years to see how much I have changed. I will also be gifting this book ALOT. I love it so much. You can find them on Amazon for around $12-$15. Do you have a book like this??? I would love to check out other books that are similar, and maybe even find one thats for kids. I think that would be fun for my kids.